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Aesch, Allschwil, Basel, Binningen, Bottmingen, Duggingen, Ettingen, Grellingen, Laufen, Münchenstein, Oberwil, Pfeffingen, Reinach, Therwil, Zwingen



20 years ago, DogDream was one of the first dog walking providers in the Basel region. Since day one, I have been offering group walks or pack walks for a maximum of 4 dogs.


With my walks I want to offer the dogs a change from

everyday life.



These days there are more and more dogs that unfortunately have too little contact with other dogs, with the result that the dogs are often a little insecure or appear to be aggressive when they meet.


The walks in the group have a therapeutic background due to my training. My aim is to encourage the dogs to get along with each other and to support them in the event of any insecurity. The regular walks in the group are extremely helpful in strengthening or normalising the social behaviour of the dogs.



With enough exercise, your dog will be happy, calmer and sustainably healthy.



Now for the walk


My price for the walk (half day) is Fr.40.-


From Monday to Friday, I offer controlled play, fun and learning walks for active and lively dogs. All the dogs that come along are regular dogs. The dogs know each other well and there is no coming and going. I always make sure that all dogs benefit equally from the walk and that they are compatible with each other. Every age is represented.


On walks, the dogs are usually off the lead. I train the dogs regularly to ensure that everything goes well. The tour usually lasts 90 minutes. The time can also be shortened for older dogs.


Fun fact: last year I walked about 2300 kilometres on the walks.


The dogs are collected from home or the office from 08.30 in the morning. Each dog has its own and always the same box in the air-conditioned car. After the walk, the dogs are back at around 13.00.


Only neutered dogs are accepted into the group.


Are you interested in a dog walk? Please send me an email with all the the details of your dog. Important is also the place of residence. I will then be happy to arrange a non-binding appointment to get to know each other.



Click on the button to send an e-mail.



I look forward to getting to know you and your dog.



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