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Dog walking service for Basel and region


the service is available in


Aesch, Allschwil, Basel, Binningen, Bottmingen, Duggingen, Ettingen, Grellingen, Laufen, Münchenstein, Oberwil, Pfeffingen, Reinach,

Therwil, Zwingen


DogDream has been offering controlled play, fun and learning walks for small groups of dogs from Monday to Friday for 20 years. All the dogs that come along are regular participants. The dogs are familiar with each other and the group works harmoniously. There is a maximum of 4 dogs in the group. I accept dogs into the group that take part in the walk once a week.


With my walks I want to offer the dogs a change from everyday life.



With the exception of the breeding season, the dogs are generally free and off the lead. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, the dogs receive regular training.


You as the owner have practically the whole morning at your disposal and your dog can really let off steam. It starts at 8.30 am. and the dogs are picked up at home or at the office. Each dog has its own crate in the air-conditioned car. The walking locations are in the countryside, away

from the hustle and bustle of the city. The dogs are then back

home from around 12.30 pm.



With enough exercise, your dog will be balanced, happy,

calmer and healthy.


The dog group includes dogs of all ages and sizes. The dog walk usually lasts 90 minutes. For older dogs the time can also be shortened. All dog needs are catered for on the walk. There are exciting encounters and always something new to discover.


The group walk promotes the social behaviour of the dogs considerably, which is also noticed by the dog owners. Many report that their dogs

are calmer and more balanced and behave more confidently towards

other dogs. Only neutered males are accepted in the group.


The price for the walk in the group is Fr.40.-




If you are interested in the dog walking service, please click on the

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about your dog, including your place of residence. I will then be

happy to arrange a non-binding introductory appointment and

a free test walk.





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I look forward to getting to know you and your dog.



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