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Dog walking service for Basel-City and the countryside


From Monday to Friday I offer controlled play and fun walks for small dog groups.

All the dogs that come along are regular dogs. They are familiar with

each other and there is no coming and going.


I always make sure that the dogs fit together. Thanks to my years of experience

I can see immediately who fits together. The dogs are all well socialised.

Nevertheless, the group gets regular training so that everything

always works out well.  The owners also benefit from this.

Thanks to my years of experience all

the dogs needs are covered.



The dog group has older dogs as well as young dogs that regularly come along on

the walk. I adjust the routes every day, from demanding to easy. The walk

for young and lively dogs lasts about 90 minutes. For the older dogs,

the time is shortened if necessary. Thanks to the different

walking locations, it is always exciting for the dogs,

and there is always something new to discover.


The walk in the group promotes the dogs social behaviour enormously. The dog

owners notice this too and are pleased that their dogs are much more

balanced. Most owners also tell me that their dogs feel

more calmly and more confidently towards other dogs.



In the morning, the dogs are picked up from home or the office between 08.30

and 09.30. After the walk they will be back between 12.30 and 13.30.

The walk costs Fr.45.-.


I give the places to regular clients, at least 1x a week.

Only neutered males are taken along.


Are you interested in a dog walk? Please send me an email with all the

the details of your dog. Important is also the place of residence.

I will then be happy to arrange a non-binding appointment

to get to know each other.

I look forward to meeting you and your dog.



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